Avital Barak

A metal sculptor and jewelry artist working in Steel, Copper, Silver, and Bronze.
I love to incorporate “found objects” and recycled elements in my work!!

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My work is influenced by Celtic, Judaica, Kanji, Reiki, Energy Healing and many other traditions.
Joyful, fun art is my goal.

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More than a necklace:
Change crystals;
Heal chakras;
Use as a pendulum.

Made of Silver, PMC,
Semi precious crystals
and Gold plating.

Amulets, Chakras,
Reiki, Theta Healing
and more.

My goal is to make you smile. 

It's part of my
culture and also contains
many mystical motifs

Projects by request.


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The world is an amazing place. People, objects, color. Always changing and growing. The spiritual guidelines of Feung Shui and the Chakra energy paths are an integral part of me. My Israeli/ Jewish/ American background defines my roots. Trees and dancers, moon and sun, space and wind. Nature, movement, growth. Everything joyful is my inspiration.

I firmly believe that humanity has an endless capacity to redefine itself. New situations and new challenges lead us to stretch our minds to find better solutions. I have great respect for all inventors and am proud to be one myself. My “Jewel in a Net” line of jewelry is a patented design and more innovations are on the way.

I find metal to be a fascinating media, in that it is strong while being flexible. Also the fact that it can have various amazing textures - from very smooth, almost soft, to rusted, to intricate textures and shapes based on fabrics and natural items - is very awesome. I love to incorporate recycled and found objects into my work Part of my learning path is to experiment with new types of media whenever I can.
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